About the Library

About the Library

The Library (Knowledge Resource Centre) is one of the true reflections of K.V. RRL’s success of excellence which is known all over India. The library strives to keep pace with technology enabled information environment to meet the expectation of students, teachers and staffs..

Physical Arrangement:

  • The books are arranged nicely according to the subject-wise.
  • All self are being kept open for the student for open access. The student can select their choice book.
  • Sitting arrangement of the student is also nice. It’s helpful for taking interactive class and discussing the book reviews.

Automation of the Library:
                         Library is fully automated and it’s working successfully.

New Arrivals in the library:

                                 There is a separate display for the new arrival books. Every week we display some new books.
The collection of library is growing with the consultation of students, teachers and stock-holders.


Activities: For motivating and the development of the student through Library

    • Every month students depositing own written story. (Creative Thinking)
    • Presenting story through role-play.(for developing body language)
               Conducting books exhibitions, storytelling, to encourage students in reading habits.

Library Hours:

               Class library from class-I to class - V is formed in Primary. Everyday students from secondary come to library during library period. Circulation and activities are conducted regularly during their library period only.

Books Alerts and Announcement:  
               Every day we prepare daily overdue reportand notify to students.

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